1 Miwako Miwako | Web | 16. února 2010 v 17:14 | Reagovat

Malá mořská víla mi přišla vždycky taková děsivá, ale tohle zpracování mám ráda. Líbí se mi, že nemají také ty mořské ocasy ^^'

2 Clochette Clochette | E-mail | 10. listopadu 2010 v 23:05 | Reagovat


I am German and I love this movie and especially this song so much!

I'd really like to know, what the original czech text does mean. I already figured out that the German translation must be quite literally, but I am really interested in the exact lines - maybe you could help me?

Thank you!

3 Yominis Yominis | Web | 11. listopadu 2010 v 12:10 | Reagovat

[2]: I hope that this will be some help for you. ;-)

4 Clochette Clochette | E-mail | 15. listopadu 2010 v 8:36 | Reagovat

Oh, thank you very much!

Though I am not sure what "intergrowing with her palm" does mean, the rest is really very close to the German translation:

The first stone is white, bedazzles the senses
The second one is red, closes the lips
The third one is black, this one turns the hearts into stone,
And those who are turned into stone like that will nevermore feel pain.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fN1JdNOOmmE (at the end)

I am very glad that in the German version, the songs are translated as well. But Miroslavas own voice is really much sweeter and more delicate.

5 Yominis Yominis | Web | 15. listopadu 2010 v 13:39 | Reagovat

[4]:With "intergrowing with her palm" I mean that the stone is going to be inside her hand or you can say palm. It's going to grow closer and closer to her skin until they are stuck together. Sorry for my stupid explanation. O:-)
And I must say that the German version isn't bad (I like the lyric), but I still prefer the Czech one ;-)

6 Clochette Clochette | E-mail | 16. listopadu 2010 v 12:19 | Reagovat

Thanks for the explanation - that was roughly what I guessed, but it sounded quite strange to me. Maybe that's the reason, they changed the line for the dubbing...

Another disadvantage of the German songs is, that they hardly do rhyme. But that doesn't distract at all - I noticed it just some time ago.

Oh, I love this song so much, no matter which version. I think, "The little mermaid" might well be my favourite movie of all time, and that does say a lot.

Is there a possibility to watch the whole movie in Czech? I think I read somewhere, that the German DVD is the only one available - we were really lucky!

I don't understand a word Czech, but I really like the sound of the language; it's so beautiful. But as far as I know, it is not related to the Roman languages, so it would be quite hard to learn - what do you think?

7 Vendy Vendy | Web | 16. listopadu 2012 v 17:53 | Reagovat

Tuhle pohádku (nebo spíš pohádkový příběh?)mám taky ráda. Je to nádherné a smutné a mrazivé. Tuhle písničku si vybavuji moc dobře, i fakt, že když ji zpívala, nevěděla, co ji čeká.
Text je úžasný.

8 TT TT | 4. listopadu 2014 v 14:19 | Reagovat

The first one was white stone, into her palm fuses
The second was red one, her mouth silent closes
The third one is black stone, in her heart remaining...
And inside this third jewel, she turns to stone forever

(just a try to dont loose the rythm and poetry)

9 Livu Livu | 13. června 2018 v 22:32 | Reagovat

Hello there, I know it's an oooold thread, I just wanted to tell when I was a kid, I thought the song was left in "mermaid language", coz back then, the movie was syncronized in Hungary, except the songs, so I heard the orig. czech version :'D
I'm so glad I find the translation here <3
There was a second song too right? Anyone has lyrics? peace

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